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droog designs

these are some pieces by droog designs… and since i’m strange i appreciate strange things lol

here are some of the best-strangest furniture i found on their website

nest house

rag chair

tree-trunk bench

Knotted chair


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riad marrakech :)

riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden. The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden,, they are always a great source of inspiration. Ryad Sharai is one of the biggest riads in Marrakech.. this house has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and All the bedrooms are situated around the patio and the pool, also the wooden doors are handmade .. i DIE!!

here are some pics

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aah!! hotel azucar

this gorgeus hotel is in mexico …he interior is basic but very stylish. Much of the furniture is made of driftwood that was collected on the beach. The hotel’s rustic decor can give you lot of ideas on how to use natural resources in your home.

ill leave you with the pictures..


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x-ray lights by won-suk cho

“Young korean designer won-suk cho showed off his ‘x-ray lights’ during this year’s designersblock in london.

cho wanted to create a light which instead of letting people see other things could be seen itself. he used the analogy of an x-ray to communicate this idea. his lights use what look like x-ray images of light bulbs mounted on small boxes. the lights hang from the ceiling and when turned on complete the x-ray effect.”

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golf stacking set

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smarin designs

i have posted the cushions living stones by smarin designs ,,

these are  the living islands and mobile shadows also by smarin..

whats better then stones,clouds,islands in ur living room!!! aaaaaah ssssssso relaxing .. and the best thing about it is there’s no right way for organizing them!

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find out your decorating style!

heeeey you all..

i found this quiz that helps you know you’re deco-style..

i tried it my self.. im a pick-mix 😐 I SO AM!! lol

its really good you guys .. Give this quiz a try yourself and let me know the results! When you get there, just start choosing the photo that best describes each question.

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