how to decorate like a pro!


Decorating a large room with simple square-footage can seem like a daunting are some tips by Francine Gardner—a designer and owner of the chic Manhattan store

  1. Think Big Picture. Before you do anything, try to envision the space as you would an Impressionist painting, with its mood imparted by different shades and colors. Then select objects and finishes that will make your imagined room a reality.

  2. Have a Plan. Use a floor plan to lay everything out. Make sure the space will function well, that the traffic flow works and that the furnishings’ proportions are comfortable.

  3. Surprise Yourself. Don’t stick with what’s expected. Find objects that are special and that you really love. Don’t be afraid to simply display them and let them be what they are, even if they serve no real purpose.

  4. Hold Back. Accessories and art should be things you treasure. Don’t just accumulate “stuff.” It’s better to leave a space empty until you’ve found exactly the right piece to fill it.

  5. Go for Timeless. Choose things that won’t date quickly and that you won’t get tired of. But remember that timeless doesn’t mean boring.

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