cool stuff!


here are some cool chairs i’ve found on the”Regency Shop” it is a retailer of modern furniture including modern classics and retro design reproductions.

Sori Yanagi Butterfly Style Stool

its like a joined wings ,, ancient Japanese forms with a modern Western materials

Pastil Chair its a fiberglass, Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Ibiza Chair – Pure Leather, Stainless Steel

“The original Barcelona chair had bolted framed but was later on redesigned using seamless stainless steel. it was also made of pigskin leather but was replaced by Bovine leather later on.”

Coconut Like Chair LOVE IT !a Unique modern design

La Chaise Style Lounge chair – Modern contemporary design

what i love about this website that they had the history of some of their designs .. its always better to know such information..makes you feel good about what ur buying 😀



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