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Alabama Chanin

alabama chanin is a company that craft limited-edition products which are made-by-hand, using a combination of new, organic and recycled materials.
here are some pics of the things i like

i loved the quilt there is a chicken recipe  hand stitched on it



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Top 10 Wall Treatments

got this from the apartment therapy.. love it ,, its affordable and could change the place..

here are the 10  ways

Masking tape “painted stripes”:


with common masking tape. The subtle yellow against the eggshell white resulted in a sophisticated dining room that nobody would suspect was created with!!



How about an aluminum foil treatment? Using glue and a hairdryer/heat gun, you can give your wall details a metallic finish.



this is like a  wall stickers its pretty much as simple as it comes. Affordable, non-permanent and available in a wide selection of styles, shapes and colors.



Mod Podge Wall Treatment: an AT reader used tissue paper, mod-podge and cut out images to transform her bland work place bathroom walls into a textured wallscape with lots of personality.



you can use pages from old books, magazines, postcards, greeting cards, sheet music…just about anything…and make your own wallpaper. Mix some Elmer’s Glue and some water, and you can apply knowing you’ll be able to remove this treatment later with some some warm water and a sponge.



you can use masking tape to create your own wall finish.



fabric wall treatment

scissors and liquid starch and bring some warm texture and colour without permanence


fabric wall panelsatla041508-bestwalltreat-10_small

If the idea above sounds a little too involved, you could always just stretch and mount complimentary fabric panels onto foam core and hang them on the wall using double stick poster tape. It’s like FLOR tiles for your wall.



using a huge tiled poster size panels or even your picture though it sounds weird!



chalk board paint.. im not sure we have it here but ill see .. cuz i want to paint my room’s door with it :D!

thats it


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Milk Crates

here are some pictures and ideas of how you can transform the milk crate to a nice piece of furniture in your home!





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Picket Fence

this will solve the problem of  “Wires All Over The Place”

here are some pics of the picket fence by Karl Zahn

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flower fairy lights

this is the way of makin a fairy lights using egg cartoon cups.. i really love it its a gr8 idea to recycle the egg cartoon with.



-Save different colored egg cartons

-separate cup using a scissors

-trim the edges of each cup to form flower petals

-Starting at the cup opening, make a short slit into each side of the cup. Then simply insert one LED bulb into each “flower”. Using a one-hole paper punch, make decorative holes on the flowers. See photos for pattern ideas, or invent your own!


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Handknitted Wool Poufs And Rugs By Christien Meindertsma

Young Dutch Designer Christien Meindertsma handmade poufs and rugs, handknitted with giant knitting needles) they look amazing! i wanna try make one:|.

here are some pics

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License Plates


so i saw this in do it your self mag ..if you have a bare wall ,, think about using the license plates as a wall art.. it will change the room for sure!

First map out where each plate should go, and then screw them all to a large sheet of plywood. Hang the grouping on a strong wall.



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