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me want this

its called the flying carpet , by Nanimarquina

it looks comfortable !! aaaaaaaand i want one lol .. will they say its for kids but i dont care 🙂


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jellio designs for kids

jellio designs for kids rooms( Cupcake Tables,Slider Wall Art,Cupcake Seat,Button Bench……) .. will i would like to have some of their stuff in my room!! lol

you can buy furniture from their store and you can also contact them and make your own customised designs.


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Paper Wall Animals


by hgtv

This is a fresh way of decorating your child’s room using vibrant materials you have around the house. Download these stencils then follow the steps below.


Tools and Supplies:

  • Old wrapping paper, old wallpaper remnants
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • craft glue
  • Smoothing tool or credit card

How To:

  1. Using the animal stencils or using your own design, trace your desired animal shape onto the back of the chose wallpaper or wrapping paper
  2. Cut out the shapes
  3. Using the craft glue generously coat the back of the shapes
  4. Stick the shape to the wall where you would like it and smooth out any excess glue and bubbles with the smoothing tool working from the centre of the shape outwards.

that easy.. i luved it , it would change the entire room!


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