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collage chandelier

designed by” David Wiseman”

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Milk Crates

here are some pictures and ideas of how you can transform the milk crate to a nice piece of furniture in your home!





gahar 9a7???????????? 9a7??????

i know ennh gahar so engal3aw 🙂

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flower fairy lights

this is the way of makin a fairy lights using egg cartoon cups.. i really love it its a gr8 idea to recycle the egg cartoon with.



-Save different colored egg cartons

-separate cup using a scissors

-trim the edges of each cup to form flower petals

-Starting at the cup opening, make a short slit into each side of the cup. Then simply insert one LED bulb into each “flower”. Using a one-hole paper punch, make decorative holes on the flowers. See photos for pattern ideas, or invent your own!


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No Crystal Chandeliers

here are pictures of chandeliers without any crystals in them, i actually like the one with Turquoise beads ( I DIE!)

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Light Up Ur Shower !

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creative lights

created by Charles Trevelyan and was inspired by this movie ( Titanic )


Designed by Billy May, Torn Lighting


by Kundalini’s Abyss table lamp

abyss_led_lampmorbid lamp was created by design studio Enpieza located in Spain.


Stacked Rock Lamp ((((I DIE!))))


Troja arc lamp recieved the design-report special mention award 2007, according to his designer Hansandfranz


Zava certainly makes a statement. The suspension is fully realized in opal methacrylate, 8 mm thickness, diameter of 185 cm and a width of 90 cm. OCIU is available in various colors: black and white entirely with internal processing leaf gold or silver.The word “ociu” means “pay attention,” as if you could ignore something this big.

ociu-lampBrainchild of Brazilian designer Rafael Morgan “The Light Drop


The Duck Lamp was created by Sebastian Errazuriz




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Bulbs Unlimited German company based in Hamburg that has this innovative ‘upcycling’ product on the market  It’s called  and basically you buy a kit that gives you all you need to build your own light using bulbs!

its really such a creative recycling!

here are some pics

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x-ray lights by won-suk cho

“Young korean designer won-suk cho showed off his ‘x-ray lights’ during this year’s designersblock in london.

cho wanted to create a light which instead of letting people see other things could be seen itself. he used the analogy of an x-ray to communicate this idea. his lights use what look like x-ray images of light bulbs mounted on small boxes. the lights hang from the ceiling and when turned on complete the x-ray effect.”

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this lamp is By the Designer Jethro Macey, i found it posted at kanye west’s blog

The light forces our awareness of power consumption through personal expense and discourages our appetite for kilowatt hours.

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