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2009 collection

German furniture manufacturer Münchener Boulevard Möbel (MBM)  published some photos of their 2009 collection.

enjoy looking at them 🙂


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riad marrakech :)

riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden. The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden,, they are always a great source of inspiration. Ryad Sharai is one of the biggest riads in Marrakech.. this house has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and All the bedrooms are situated around the patio and the pool, also the wooden doors are handmade .. i DIE!!

here are some pics

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L.A spanish style home

here are some pics of a Spanish style home in LA that i found on Martha Stewart’s site


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Mediterranean home style

hello ..

i really love the Mediterranean home style .. some may call it Moroccan or Spanish style ..

any ways .. there are main things if you can collect them and put them all together in a room it will defiantly look amazing ..

1st of all i would like to start with the paint .. its easy .. you have to choose natural color paints .. here are some examples

choosing a color isn’t that hard .. inshallah ill make a post about it soon


now the 2nd step.. choosing and collecting the right furniture .. you can find lovely antiques that would look really nice but you have to be careful with the colors .. you have to go with something that goes with the paint that you chose .

here are some example of the most popular Moroccan pieces that would give you the exact style that you want .



Large Moroccan outdoor/indoor lantern with clear glass panels with exquisite hand carved designs.When illuminated with large candles or wired, it create intricate shadows.most of times its handmade ..only when lit in a darkened room can their beauty be truly appreciated. Light filters through intricate cut work patterns and colored glass.


bookcase,cabinets,serving tables & buffets:

handmade hand-carved and hand-painted Moroccan buffets and bookcases, don’t forget .. the size of it should be suitable with the space of the room .. meaning if the room is small the cabinets should be small as will la7ad yet-hawar plz!! .


plates and vases:

hand-made .. lovely colors with Calligraphy.. you can also hang the plates for better display ..


chairs & Ottoman:

Blue Leather art deco Moroccan chair.

Hand painted wooden chair -princess chair-

ottomans, or poufs, can add a touch of Morocco to any room or are beautifully


pillows, throws & rugs:

pillows with camel prints .

berber embroidered handmade pillows.

you can stack them on a white sofa it would show a good contrast of colors ..

it doesn’t matter weather its Persian or Moroccan .. it would all look really good.


laaast but not least ..

mosaic (tables mirrors & fountains):


now some pics of the final look that you could have

here are five easy steps that i read on good housekeeping magazine, i thought it might help :

1-choose furniture in neutral tones to complement white washed walls.

2-use the same flooring throughout to make the place seem larger.

3-collect hand made china .

4-scatter a few richly textured rugs makes the place looks warmer.

5-avoid overhead lighting – wall lights gives a much softer effect.

— hope u liked what i collected for you 😉 i have collected some pieces my self ill post it asap inshallah —

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