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Alabama Chanin

alabama chanin is a company that craft limited-edition products which are made-by-hand, using a combination of new, organic and recycled materials.
here are some pics of the things i like

i loved the quilt there is a chicken recipe  hand stitched on it


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Gravity Reclining Chair




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Milk Crates

here are some pictures and ideas of how you can transform the milk crate to a nice piece of furniture in your home!





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i know ennh gahar so engal3aw 🙂

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cool stuff!


here are some cool chairs i’ve found on the”Regency Shop” it is a retailer of modern furniture including modern classics and retro design reproductions.

Sori Yanagi Butterfly Style Stool

its like a joined wings ,, ancient Japanese forms with a modern Western materials

Pastil Chair its a fiberglass, Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Ibiza Chair – Pure Leather, Stainless Steel

“The original Barcelona chair had bolted framed but was later on redesigned using seamless stainless steel. it was also made of pigskin leather but was replaced by Bovine leather later on.”

Coconut Like Chair LOVE IT !a Unique modern design

La Chaise Style Lounge chair – Modern contemporary design

what i love about this website that they had the history of some of their designs .. its always better to know such information..makes you feel good about what ur buying 😀


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Frank Gehry “Contour” Chair

USA, 1970s Rare cardboard and masonite low chair
from the Easy Edges line.

Turquoise Armchairs

France, 1960s This model was used in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort.

Rope Table

France, 1970s Unusual little cube ingeniously covered in Manila rope.

Wooden Table

Africa, 20th Century Dining table carved from a single piece of wood.
Possibly from Ethiopia.

Carved Wooden Tables

France, 1950s Set of 2 tables with figural knotted design
in the manner of Alexander Noll.

Curtis Jeré Brass Mirror

USA, 1960’s From the “Raindrop” series.

Curtis Jeré Eyelash Mirror

USA, 1970s Copper, brass and chrome mirror.


Africa, Late 20th Century Carved modernist mask from an unknown tribe on a custom stand.

Magazine Rack

Austria, 1950s Rare carved teak, bamboo and iron holder
for papers or book storage.

Modernist Mobile Sculpture

USA, 1960s Brass, wire and aluminum 27 piece form of stylized leaves.

Together Greg Wooten and Patrick Parrish formed Mondo Cane in 1994 at the Michigan Modernism show in Detroit. Since then, they have been regular exhibitors at Modernism events in New York, Miami and Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

In September 2000 they opened their first shop in Chelsea. By 2004 Mondo Cane had outgrown its Chelsea location and the partners decided to move the gallery to
174 Duane Street in Tribeca.

Working with architect William Massie, they were able to create an interesting
environment to display their particular vision of the period 1880 – 1980. Major designers, architects and artists are represented along with what might be
Mondo Cane’s strongest point-lesser known and anonymous artisans and designers. The shop’s inventory and design lean toward the unusual and unpredictable.


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cool chairs by hive

howdy y’all

hive is a modern design company it has been noted in national magazines such as Dwell, Index, In Style, Lucky and Western Interiors magazines.

these are some chairs and sofas designed by them..

enjoy 😀


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