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wallpaper ideas

You can do more with wallpaper than just cover your walls with it! piece of art, inside of a closet.



check this shoe wallpaper by  Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson it would look very nice in a closet..


photos( lesouk-stylefiles)

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me want this

its called the flying carpet , by Nanimarquina

it looks comfortable !! aaaaaaaand i want one lol .. will they say its for kids but i dont care 🙂


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Paper Wall Animals


by hgtv

This is a fresh way of decorating your child’s room using vibrant materials you have around the house. Download these stencils then follow the steps below.


Tools and Supplies:

  • Old wrapping paper, old wallpaper remnants
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • craft glue
  • Smoothing tool or credit card

How To:

  1. Using the animal stencils or using your own design, trace your desired animal shape onto the back of the chose wallpaper or wrapping paper
  2. Cut out the shapes
  3. Using the craft glue generously coat the back of the shapes
  4. Stick the shape to the wall where you would like it and smooth out any excess glue and bubbles with the smoothing tool working from the centre of the shape outwards.

that easy.. i luved it , it would change the entire room!


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English Country Cottage


By Maya Millar

How to Get the Look

  • Use pale paint colours — walls can be white, cream or eggshell to make the room appear larger, or try soft shades of blue, yellow and sage green.
  • The English Country Cottage is the perfect decor aesthetic if your home has flooring made of pine, oak, or maple. Leave them bare, with runners or area rugs to protect only the high-traffic areas.
  • Decorate your windows with pretty lace curtains or a floral fabric.
  • This design style is all about being easy to care for, so a slip-covered, oversize sofa is a must. Try a fabric in a cabbage rose print, where the colour is picked up in other details in the room.
  • Adorn your walls with framed botanical prints, animals or historical events.
  • Have a bay window? What could be a more perfect place to build a window seat to indulge in the most British of traditions — a cup of tea?
  • Looking for a weekend project that will completely transform a room into an English Country Cottage? Install beaded board to the walls. This look, often used in kitchens and bathrooms, is clean, casual and timeless.
  • Every proper English Country Cottage has a large freestanding cupboard,  handy both for storage and to display treasured collections.
  • The exterior is as important as the interior when trying to achieve an English Country Cottage look. The garden should feel as carefree as the aesthetic indoors — plant bursts of colourful blooms, and roses or ivy to climb trellises and arbors. Don’t forget to furnish the garden with a wrought-iron garden bench and perhaps even birdhouse.



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droog designs

these are some pieces by droog designs… and since i’m strange i appreciate strange things lol

here are some of the best-strangest furniture i found on their website

nest house

rag chair

tree-trunk bench

Knotted chair


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aah!! hotel azucar

this gorgeus hotel is in mexico …he interior is basic but very stylish. Much of the furniture is made of driftwood that was collected on the beach. The hotel’s rustic decor can give you lot of ideas on how to use natural resources in your home.

ill leave you with the pictures..


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how to decorate like a pro!


Decorating a large room with simple square-footage can seem like a daunting are some tips by Francine Gardner—a designer and owner of the chic Manhattan store

  1. Think Big Picture. Before you do anything, try to envision the space as you would an Impressionist painting, with its mood imparted by different shades and colors. Then select objects and finishes that will make your imagined room a reality.

  2. Have a Plan. Use a floor plan to lay everything out. Make sure the space will function well, that the traffic flow works and that the furnishings’ proportions are comfortable.

  3. Surprise Yourself. Don’t stick with what’s expected. Find objects that are special and that you really love. Don’t be afraid to simply display them and let them be what they are, even if they serve no real purpose.

  4. Hold Back. Accessories and art should be things you treasure. Don’t just accumulate “stuff.” It’s better to leave a space empty until you’ve found exactly the right piece to fill it.

  5. Go for Timeless. Choose things that won’t date quickly and that you won’t get tired of. But remember that timeless doesn’t mean boring.

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simple makeover



this makeover was by Melissa @ The Inspired Room

by simple stuff you can change the look of the room…repainting , adding some colorful accessories (flowers,cushions)…love it

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