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basket wall art



these baskets are handmade by artists in Uganda for the NAWOU organization, the National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda, works with more than 80 independent woman’s groups located throughout Uganda. In addition to health care, social welfare, lobbying and advocacy, micro finance and education programs, NAWOU runs a handicraft program.

by hanging these baskets on the wall you will give the room a lovely  ethnic look, here are some pics that i got from the style files



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Stylist Lucyina Moodie

Lucyina is a freelance stylist working in the UK who has been on her own for about 9 years, she worked for BBC books and BBC publishing for BBC Good Homes Magazine as contributing stylist. Here’s some pics that i got from her online portfolio below. enjoy!

(images: lucyina moodie)


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Top 10 Wall Treatments

got this from the apartment therapy.. love it ,, its affordable and could change the place..

here are the 10  ways

Masking tape “painted stripes”:


with common masking tape. The subtle yellow against the eggshell white resulted in a sophisticated dining room that nobody would suspect was created with!!



How about an aluminum foil treatment? Using glue and a hairdryer/heat gun, you can give your wall details a metallic finish.



this is like a  wall stickers its pretty much as simple as it comes. Affordable, non-permanent and available in a wide selection of styles, shapes and colors.



Mod Podge Wall Treatment: an AT reader used tissue paper, mod-podge and cut out images to transform her bland work place bathroom walls into a textured wallscape with lots of personality.



you can use pages from old books, magazines, postcards, greeting cards, sheet music…just about anything…and make your own wallpaper. Mix some Elmer’s Glue and some water, and you can apply knowing you’ll be able to remove this treatment later with some some warm water and a sponge.



you can use masking tape to create your own wall finish.



fabric wall treatment

scissors and liquid starch and bring some warm texture and colour without permanence


fabric wall panelsatla041508-bestwalltreat-10_small

If the idea above sounds a little too involved, you could always just stretch and mount complimentary fabric panels onto foam core and hang them on the wall using double stick poster tape. It’s like FLOR tiles for your wall.



using a huge tiled poster size panels or even your picture though it sounds weird!



chalk board paint.. im not sure we have it here but ill see .. cuz i want to paint my room’s door with it :D!

thats it


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A New “Old” House Tour

The New York Times 1.30.09

this house is designed by the architect Gil Schafer’s its a new old house in Millbrook, New York. The traditional-looking country house was built in 1999 — but has fooled many as it blends into the neighborhood of Greek revival homes that are over 100 years old…

here are the pics .. enjoy…

photos by-Phil Mansfield

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Sofa Garden Pillows

Sofa Garden is a boutique designer of decorative pillows

here are some of the pillows that i liked

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house tour

i got this from the apartment therapy website..

Name: Kana and Sam
Location: Venice, CA.
Size: 900 sq. feet
Years lived in: 2 1/2 years, Rent

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Milk Crates

here are some pictures and ideas of how you can transform the milk crate to a nice piece of furniture in your home!





gahar 9a7???????????? 9a7??????

i know ennh gahar so engal3aw 🙂

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Graphical Vinyl

walls are really important in decorating , it can change the place.

using the graphical vinyl  by miraentuinterior for decorating your walls is a cheap and easy way..

You don’t need to paint anything. You only have to put it on the wall or the surface you have chosen and follow the installation instructions

here are some pics

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black interiors

this post is for u mo-d :D…

i got this from the style files, they say black can be a trend this season

here are some pics

(images from Living Etc, Marie Claire Maiso, Home and Garden UK)

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jellio designs for kids

jellio designs for kids rooms( Cupcake Tables,Slider Wall Art,Cupcake Seat,Button Bench……) .. will i would like to have some of their stuff in my room!! lol

you can buy furniture from their store and you can also contact them and make your own customised designs.


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