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Bulbs Unlimited German company based in Hamburg that has this innovative ‘upcycling’ product on the market  It’s called  and basically you buy a kit that gives you all you need to build your own light using bulbs!

its really such a creative recycling!

here are some pics

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Crisscross Rack

i got this from Martha’s organizing tip of the day..

This wall rack consists of crisscrossed lengths of 1 1/8-inch-wide lattice, held together with glue and Shaker-style pegs in all but the center joint.

Tools and Materials
11 strips of 1 1/8 inch lattice (see list below)
Spring or A clamps
Drill with 1/2-inch bit
Wood glue
14 Shaker-style wooden pegs

Cut and label the following pieces of 1 1/8-inch lattice:
Four 53 1/2-inch-long pieces (use a pencil to number them 1, 2, 10, and 11)
Two 40-inch-long pieces (number them 4 and 5)
Three 55-inch-long pieces (number them 3, 6, and 7)
Two 38-inch-long pieces (number them 8 and 9)


Criss-Cross Rack How-To
After you have cut your lattice strips and before securing all the joints and drilling holes, mark each piece of lattice 4 inches from each end. Stack the wood loosely in the shape of the rack; all ends should overlap each other by 4 inches.

1. Use the lattice to create an isosceles triangle: Diagonally place strip 1 as the left side, then strip 2 as the right side. Remember, the tips should extend 4 inches beyond the joint.
2. To create the bottom of the large triangle, lay strip 3 on top horizontally.
3. Use strips 4 and 5 to create an X on top of the triangle; each of the top ends of the X should overlap the triangle sides 9 1/2 inches below the triangle point.
4. Lay strip 6 horizontally across center of the X.
5. Lay strip 7 horizontally across the top of the X, crossing the other pieces where the X meets the large triangle.
6. Lay strips 8 and 9 vertically to make sides of rack.
7. With strip 7 as the bottom side, diagonally lay strips 10 and 11 to create an inverted triangle (this will also make a diamond in the center of both triangles).

As you align each joint, clamp it with a spring or A clamp; leave it clamped until the entire rack is laid out and all joints are clamped. Then drill a hole through all layers of wood at each joint, except the very center joint. Apply glue to either side of every hole; apply glue to the end and around the bottom of each peg, and insert one into each hole. If glued strips won’t stay together, reclamp the joint. Let glue dry for 30 minutes; do not put stress on the joints for another 12 hours.

Hang in a fashion appropriate to your wall type.

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